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Writing Lines (2021)

Writing Lines (2021)

     Following "Not Loving It," where I use the constant repetition strategy to criticize marketing in the food industry, I would like to propose a different approach to the same methodology, repetition.

    For this series, "Writing Lines," I would like to reference a punishment imposed on me during my childhood, which consists of copying a sentence exhaustively to reduce disruptive behavior. My parents believed that if you repeat something enough times, you will begin to believe it and change your behavior. 

    Growing up with emotional eating disorders and in a society where the diet and the beauty industries make us believe that our bodies are not good enough, I gradually lost confidence in my own body. The multibillion-dollar diet market generates widespread body dissatisfaction and an unhealthy attitude towards food. After thinking of all the negative behaviors that I've had throughout my life towards food and body image, I decided to apply the same punishment on myself to bring this conversation to the table.

    Self-punishment, unfortunately, is a behavior closely associated with eating disorders. Excessive eating is often followed by overwhelming guilt, leading to different types of self-punishment.  

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