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Dissection emerged from a challenging phase in my personal life when I discovered that no problem is insuperable – if tackled day by day or piece by piece. In this series, I employ dissection as a metaphor to deconstruct emotional complexities and explore the concealed sentiments within, facilitating the healing process.

To visually manifest my concept, I captured images of fruits, both their exteriors and interiors, and presented these images in transparent acrylic frames, each segment representing a ‘slice’ of emotion. Interspersed between these ‘slices,’ I incorporated a layer featuring a hidden word, allowing viewers to delve into my own concealed emotions.


Much like the act of carefully dissecting an object to reveal its hidden inner workings, I delve deep into the intricate layers of my own emotional experiences. This process involves deconstructing not only the physical aspects of objects but also the emotional layers that are often buried beneath the surface. I invite viewers into a contemplative journey, encouraging them to explore their own emotional landscapes and consider the layers of complexity that make up their identities.


I often portray food as a representation of my own body, exploring the relationship between nourishment, identity, and the emotional complexities tied to my body.

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