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Exposed (2020)

Exposed (2020)

Exposed is a series of X-ray images of fruits and vegetables. The choice to embrace the aesthetics of X-rays in my artwork was deeply personal. I encountered X-rays as an integral part of my daily life during a period marked by personal trauma and emotional turmoil. During this time, I realized the profound metaphorical resonance of these medical images.


With their ability to unveil imperfections and anomalies hidden beneath the surface, X-rays became a powerful symbol in my artistic exploration. I saw in them a reflection of the complexities of emotional eating disorders. Just as one may appear perfectly healthy outwardly, these X-ray images are a poignant reminder that internal struggles and emotional complexities can remain concealed from the naked eye.


Each image in the ‘Exposed’ series captures not only the physical form of the fruits and vegetables but also the inner turmoil they might metaphorically represent. Through the transparency of these X-ray images, I invite viewers to contemplate the duality of appearances and the hidden emotional repertoire that often goes unnoticed. ‘Exposed’ challenges us to look beyond the surface and consider the profound narratives beneath, echoing the unspoken struggles of emotional well-being.

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