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Not Lovin'It (2021)

Not Lovin'It (2021)

“Not Lovin’ It” is a video installation that delves deep into the world of iconic food and beverage slogans. Through this thought-provoking experience, we unveil the subtle yet potent influences these slogans wield over our choices and perceptions, empowering us to distinguish between authentic cravings and industry tactics—especially regarding our children’s food habits.


At the heart of “Not Lovin’ It” lies a collection of well-known phrases projected onto the screen before you. Though seemingly innocuous, these slogans have been etched into our collective consciousness, molding our preferences and shaping our interactions with food. Remarkably, many of these messages are specifically targeted towards children, a vulnerable audience susceptible to their persuasive power. With each repetition, these slogans weave a narrative that nudges not just adults but also our children towards confident choices—choices that often align with the food industry’s interests.

“Not Lovin’ It” isn’t just an installation; it’s an invitation to critically examine the boundary between personal desire and manufactured appeal, particularly in the context of our children’s well-being. As we engage with these slogans, we begin to untangle the threads of influence that have silently guided our decisions and those of our kids. It’s a chance to break free from the spell and embrace a more conscious approach to our consumption.


In a world where messages are crafted to resonate intensely, “Not Lovin’ It” empowers us to see beyond the surface, allowing us to become more aware of how these slogans can shape our children’s food habits. Step into this video installation, and together, let’s expose the intricate tapestry of food industry influence, paving the way for informed choices and a deeper understanding of the narratives surrounding us.

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