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Dysmorphia  (2020)

Dysmorphia  (2020)

In 2020, a year when we all turned to our screens for connection, quick judgments became the norm, and the pressure to appear flawless online grew, I found myself compelled to explore how we see ourselves in the digital age.


My project, ‘DYSMORPHIA,’ was inspired by ‘Body Dysmorphic Disorder’ (BDD), a mental health condition where people obsess over perceived flaws in their appearance. In a time when social media blurs the line between reality and fantasy, I used this disorder as a starting point for my visual exploration.


In this series I used fruits and vegetables to symbolize the human body’s diversity. I distorted these natural forms using magnifying lenses, revealing the imperfections hidden beneath. Just as BDD distorts self-perception, my project uncovers hidden flaws often invisible to the naked eye. ‘DYSMORPHIA’ encourages viewers to rethink the relentless pursuit of digital perfection, where filters can obscure our true selves.


Through this project, I invite you to question our notions of beauty and the unrealistic ideals often perpetuated online. By exposing the vulnerability behind curated profiles and edited images, ‘DYSMORPHIA’ sparks a deeper conversation about self-image, technology, and mental health in our digital world.

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