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Writing Lines (2021 - 2023)

Writing Lines (2021)

For the ‘Writing Lines’ series, I drew inspiration from a form of discipline imposed on me during my childhood—a task that involved copying a sentence repeatedly to control disruptive behavior. My parents strongly believed in the saying that repeating something incessantly could lead to a change in one’s beliefs and actions.


Growing up with emotional eating disorders and existing in a society where the diet and beauty industries propagated the idea that my body was somehow inadequate, my confidence in my own appearance gradually waned.


Upon reflection, I recognized a pattern of negative behaviors I had experienced throughout my life, especially concerning food and body image. Then, I deliberately chose to apply the same punishment to myself—an act of introspection and transformation. By doing so, I aimed to bring this critical conversation to the forefront of societal discourse.


    It’s important to note that individuals with bulimia may experience feelings of guilt, shame, and self-criticism related to their eating behaviors, and they may engage in purging behaviors to cope with these emotions. In this sense, it can be seen as a form of self-destructive behavior.

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