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My life has always revolved around food. The complexities of flavors, textures, and aromas, along with the social etiquettes and cultural rituals that surround meals, have always intrigued me. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I experienced a significant duality. On one hand, the impact of the city’s unique beauty and the joy of its people shaped my personality; on the other hand, the beach culture and the pressure for an “ideal” physical appearance exerted a negative influence, creating an internal conflict that has always accompanied me. Gastronomy has consistently played a significant role in my life. However, it was only after working in my father's restaurant that I incorporated it into my professional life, uniting my two passions: photography and food.


After years working as a food photographer while secretly struggling with emotional eating disorders, I came to realize that all that scrumptious food instead of nurturing me was suffocating me. I decided to shift to conceptual art to draw awareness to emotional eating disorders and to expose the relationship between my food choices and the emotions behind it. 

Throughout my artistic journey, a common thread has woven its way through my work— the exploration of the complex interplay between self-image, identity, and society's expectations. Each series I create serves as a unique lens through which I investigate these intricate connections. Whether delving into the hidden emotions underlying our relationship with food, challenging unrealistic beauty standards, or fostering dialogue about societal pressures, my work is a continuous exploration of the human experience.


It seeks to peel back the layers of perception, inviting viewers to contemplate their own experiences with food and emotions, while ultimately championing empathy, connection, and a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of our existence.

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