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What Are You Hungry For? (2021)

     The starting point of this installation is my questioning of what I am hungry for, what attracts and nourishes me, a question that has always permeated my work. For this Open Call, I propose to create two interactive word searches, with the things that I AM hungry for, not only foods and drinks but also places and emotions - hidden in the grid. The viewer can find fifteen words on each word search, and to visually represent my search, I will show an arrangement of 1000 postcards with 46 photographs that I took of things that I was or still am hungry for. 

      I want to invite the viewer to interact with the piece- I ask them to circulate the first word they can find on the word searches, and I offer them a postcard as a souvenir - or to use it to write back to me, letting me know things that they crave. I decided to use this word puzzle game as a metaphor for my inner search and also because, during the pandemic, while isolated at home, those games were part of our daily lives. 

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