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(I Also Was) Run Over (2021)

     In this series, I literally ran over food to visually deal with a memory that had accompanied me since 2019, when my husband was cycling and was brutally run over by a car.

     I remember being at the waiting room of the Jackson Memorial's Ryder Trauma hospital, not able to see him because the doctors were running endless tests, and all of my friends that were there with me were receiving pictures of the accident. I will never forget the look on their faces, their fingers pinching their phones to zoom in on the images, and their effort to pretend that it wasn't "that bad". They described the photos using the nicest words and trying to make it look better than it actually was, and eventually, someone said that there were blood splashes on the asphalt.

    As a very visual person, my mind instantly began to create images, and since then, those images have been part of my life and dreams.  

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