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Ran Over (2021)

Ran Over (2021)

In this series, I resourcefully incorporated food to visually confront a memory that has lingered with me since 2019 when my husband endured a devastating cycling accident, brutally struck by a car. I vividly recall sitting in the waiting room of Jackson Memorial’s Ryder Trauma Hospital, helpless and unable to see him as doctors conducted endless tests. The images of the accident proliferated across the internet, and my friends analyzed them on their screens.

I can still recall the expressions on their faces, their fingers zooming in on their phones, striving to pretend it wasn’t as horrific as it appeared. They described the images with the most delicate words, attempting to soften the impact, but eventually, someone mentioned the blood splatters on the asphalt.


As a very visual person, my mind immediately began crafting images, and these haunting mental visuals have persisted in my imagination ever since. ‘Run Over’ serves as an artistic response to this profound experience.


I used food as a powerful symbol to draw parallels between the real-life event and my struggles. The lack of control I felt in the face of the accident mirrors the lack of control that often accompanies my binge eating disorder. It explores the emotional turmoil and the feeling of being ‘run over’ by food, capturing the essence of my journey while inviting viewers to contemplate their battles with control, trauma, and resilience.

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