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I Won't Tell, (2022)

I Won't Tell, (2022)

I Won’t Tell” is an engaging, interactive installation that features a box mounted on the wall, with a discreet peephole and an array of vibrant red post-it notes. As viewers peer through the peephole, they encounter a poignant question: ‘What do you eat when no one is watching?’ Encouraged by this probing inquiry, they are invited to pick up a red post-it note, share their response, and affix it to the wall.


At its core, this installation catalyzes a crucial conversation centered around food, our intricate relationship with it, and our place in society. For many individuals, especially those struggling with eating disorders, eating in secret becomes a sanctuary from external pressures and the ceaseless, relentless examination of society regarding our bodies.

Yet, over time, this clandestine act can spiral into compulsive, hidden behavior, often giving rise to feelings of shame and guilt.


With ‘I Won’t Tell,’ I aim to foster empathy, connection, and representation. By encouraging participants to share their responses, I seek to break down the walls of isolation that individuals with eating disorders often endure. This installation becomes a platform for dialogue, a space where the shared experiences of secrecy and vulnerability can be acknowledged and understood. Through this collective sharing, ‘I Won’t Tell’ seeks to cultivate a sense of belonging and solidarity, making strides toward dismantling the stigma surrounding eating disorders and nurturing a more compassionate society.

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