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Restrained (2021)

Restrained (2021)

“Restrained” delves into the intricate relationship between clothing, food, and my body. Throughout my life, I’ve grappled with the feeling of being confined by the very clothes I wore, sometimes almost suffocated by them. Crafted from plaster and twine, this artwork exposes my innermost emotions, making my vulnerabilities and insecurities tangible to the viewer.


I chose plaster for its ability to reflect the emotions I’ve experienced concerning my body in various phases of my life. My journey has been a constant battle with eating disorders, including binge eating and bulimia, leading to significant fluctuations in my weight over the years.


The intertwining threads in this sculpture symbolize the complex web of emotions and struggles that have defined my relationship with food and my body. ‘Restrained’ serves as a tangible expression of these inner conflicts, inviting viewers to contemplate their own journeys with self-identity and body image in a world where societal pressures often constrain our sense of self.


Through these self-portraits, I aim to convey the profound impact clothing can have on our perception of self and inspire contemplation about the often-invisible ways in which our bodies bear the marks of our experiences and inner struggles.

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